Yukitora Keiji at Lippo Mall Kemang Carnival Parade Cosplay Competition


Yukitora Keiji-雪虎慶次 with Milokuma and Rin Inamoto will be judges also ShorethKen will be MC in this upcoming Lippo Mall Kemang Carnival Parade Cosplay Competition event ! on 23th (Sunday) July 2017

So please don’t miss this chance to meet them again up-close and personal! There will be various activity as-well so come, Invited your friends and join the fun support Yukitora Keiji!

Event Information:
Registration fee 20.000 IDR [will get 20K Voucher]

-The Best Couple
-The Best Costume
-The Best Performance

Total Prize
10.000.000 IDR
(Cash + Throphy+Shopping Voucher)

Contact person
0816721169 (Whatsapp)

For more details, info and question please direct your concern to the Contact person.

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