Costume 19 – “Premier Sexy” DLC

Photographer: Taiyou Artworks 

Hair & Make up: Yukitora Keiji

Wig: AliceCosplay Wig [艾丽丝cosplay假发]

Costume: Yukitora Keiji


Date Completed: 19 September 2015

Why I chose to make this costume:

Because i’m going to cosplay all the marie rose DLC!!

How I made this costume:

Eeeer.. i buy this swimsuit from taobao.. since i can’t find it on Indonesia..well.. on first.. i think i’m wanna make it.. but since searching swimsuit fabric quite hard and when i fount it…i must buy like 1 roll [20m+] it’s way too much! I just use like… less than 2m.. that’s why.. i buy  the finished one on taobao hahaha

Thoughts on this costume:

I feel like Japanese highschooler hahaha

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