Adolf Reinhardt [Terra Formars]

Photographer: Johanesbp

Hair & Make up: Yukitora Keiji

Costume: Yukitora Keiji

Styling: Yukitora Keiji

Date Completed: 15 March 2016

Worn at: Bunkasai USU 2016

Why I chose to make this character:

First…I LOVE TERRA FORMARS!! 2nd.. ADOLF IS PERFECT HUSBAND! I really Love Him OMG!! he’s the most FAVORITE character from terra formars! [by me] He’s a tough character with a really kind heart.. he really care with his team member.. and with err… wife [SERIOUSLY I HATE THIS CHARACTER.. WHY ADOLF LOVE HER ORZ.]

Doing Adolf ‘wound’ make up it’s quite hard for me.. it took 3 hours total [ 2 hours only for make the wound hahaha] was fun! i’m always feel so excited when doing his make up! feel like “I fall in love”.. since he’s my favorte wonder

Well .. Cosplay as Adolf is..the FIRST TIME I try Crossplay! really excited!! can’t wait to do more crossplay for the future!!

Why I chose to make this costume:

This is Annex 1 Adolf Uniform! I love the design! not like the other Annex 1 crew… Adolf uniform kind a different ! with the ‘High neck’! hahaha

How I made this costume:

3 days with excited i made this costume!!! i made it with White Suit fabric with shiny stretch blue fabric that i found from fabric shop near my house! actualy i failed made the first blue ornament and i must to re-make it like..only 2 days left before event.. well i make deadline for make the costume hahahaha.. of course.. i made this costume with.. “desperate” how to make the ‘high neck’.

Thoughts on this costume:

Finally i doing Crossplay! It’s a super comfy and so easy to pack! there’s no accessories other wig and shoes! gonna make other version! haha

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