Maeda Keiji [ Sengoku BASARA 2 ]

Version: Female [Original]


Hair & Make up: Yukitora Keiji

Costume: Yukitora Keiji


Date Completed: 1o September 2011

Worn at:  EX Cosplay Competition 2011, Kinokuniya Halloween Costume Party 2011, Hellofest 8 Anima Expo 2012, TokyoPolis 2012, Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2012, FOCUS Jakarta Convention Center 2013, Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2013, Kick Andy: Keatifitas yang Mendunia at Metro TV 2014, M.I.N.N.A No Sekai Manado 2014, Megaxus Day – Living World 2014, Reach Our Dream Banjarmasin 2014, Jatinegara Character Attack Cosplay Competition  2014, Tokyo Game Show 2014, Sakura Connection 2015, Palu Toys & Hobby Fair 2015, Indonesia Comic Con 2015

Why I chose to make this costume:

First.. i like to play sengoku BASARA~ my favorite is Date Masamune and Sanada Yukimura! but since BASARA 2 Maeda Keiji come’s up! Keiji become My Favorite Character!

How I made this costume:

with desperatly make wrong pattern.. what i’s like everything is wrong.. the sword size and design ..the costume size.. everything! i even buy alot of white tiger stripes fabric to make it..’right’

But my mom and grand ma say ‘ this costume still wearable.. so i gain my spirit to continue it and..this is it!

Thoughts on this costume:

I failed doing Crossplay but i’m still gonna wear it.. since this costume are ‘wearable’ hahaha.. first time i wear it at EX Cosplay Competition 2011..right after i doing my first keiji’s photoshoot[not on this set of photo..the old one already dunno where’s hahah] i joining cosplay competition and i win the first place.. hahaha i’m no longer wear Keiji now ..feel so bored …but.. Keiji still most voted costume that people want me to wear at cons. LOL

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