Shuten Douji [Fate Grand Order]

Photographer: Taiyou Artworks 

Hair & Make up: Yukitora Keiji

Costume: Yukitora Keiji

Date Completed: 1 October 2016

Worn at: Fate Fan Cafe, Cosplay Pesta 2016

Why I chose to make this costume:

Because i’m not feel so salty when i gacha this Characters from Fate Grand Order~
i just only try gacha once on shuten event and i got it YEY~

How I made this costume:

I only work on this costume with total 3days with lazy and 2 time re make the embroidery ;A;, but i can make it right before fate fan cafe event~
I’m using cheongsam fabric for the kimono based, so the kimono not looks plain, and i’m using satin bridal for the embroidery based

i’m also using leather for the undies[?] and i make all the embroidery by myself

Thoughts on this costume:

Actually i don’t have planning for make this costume that fast, but since the Fate Fan Cafe organizer ask me to join so i ended up make this costume before the event date

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