Tiger Tribe [Asta]

Race : Tiger Tribe [GAIA]

Job : Rouge

Equipment : Arena Manager

Photographer: Taiyou Artworks 

Hair & Make up: Yukitora Keiji

Costume: Yukitora Keiji

Styling: Yukitora Keiji

Sponsor: Qeon Interactive 

Date Completed: 14 September 2015

Worn at: Master Gaming Series 2015

Why I chose to make this costume:

Asta is a Brand new Game from Qeon! and i’m so excited when I was chosen to become the official cosplayer for this game!!

Well.. since tiger is my favorite animal so i choose tiger tribe!! and I really love the job! rouge!! they’re fast! not too big! and cute!! even the face are scary ..like wanna eat a person!! hahaha

How I made this costume:

with  stressed up .. it took 2 weeks before photoshoot make this costume from scratch… hahha.. This is my first time sewing my own costume and kind a rush…!!

I made this costume with leather and Craft foam coated with glitter! and… i sacrifice my bra for the chest part.. and it’s my favorite…

Thoughts on this costume:

The shoulder armor always fall of when i do different pose haha.. and actually on this photoshoot [2nd] my body are quite bigger than the 1st photoshoot [Asta Game Promotional, 15 September 2015] ..so when i wanna wear it..i must to hold my breath hahaha

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