Yukitora Keiji at Fate Fan Cafe


Hello everyone!!

Yukitora Keiji-雪虎慶次 with many awesome cosplayers will be Servant and Masters in this upcoming Fate Fan Cafe event on 15 (Saturday) October 2016!

for this event, Yukitora Keiji will be wearing her latest costume [ still on progress] Shuten Douji!
Limited Masters Only!! Booking fast!
Package 1 : https://goo.gl/y9MQBA
Package 2 : https://goo.gl/W1MtfZ


Thank you!
but no need to worry if you want to join the event there’s a lot of master and servant you can order!! ♥
Click for Reservation in here : https://goo.gl/6euRjz

Servant List : https://goo.gl/B91wsU
Master List : https://goo.gl/TSjYSi

So please don’t miss this chance to meet them again up-close and personal! There will be various activity as-well so come and join the fun support Yukitora Keiji!

For more details, info and question please direct your concern on the official event page.
PIC Irfan Dhafirwan








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