Marie Rose [Dead Or Alive Xtreme]

Photographer: Taiyou Artworks 

Hair & Make up: Yukitora Keiji

Costume List

Dead Or Alive Extreme 3: 

  • Bombay
  • Persian
  • Pure White Bikini
  • White Sailor Uniform
  • For You F
  • Mummy H
  • Popcorn E
  • Bamboo Shoot A
  • Lazy Morning A
  • Venus
  • Salmon Roe B

Why I chose to make this character:

“Finally!! Dead or Alive release ‘pettan’ character that i can cosplay!!”

That sentence sounds strange but.. that’s what i say after seing DOA5U Marie Rose trailer! I’m a DOA FIGHTER! I play DOA Since DOA3…It’s hard for me to cosplay as ‘oppai’ character and mostly female character in DOA have such a big ‘oppai’.. but after waited for soo looongg!! finally! MARIE ROSE RELEASE!! and since marie rose release i’m always play using Marie Rose!

Her combo are quite easy! with such a big power! even her size are smaller than other fighter! really LOVE HER! her DLC also so cute!! her body size also not too much different from me… that’s why~ Marie Rose really ‘kick’ kokoro and eliot from my cosplay plan hahaha!

I’m planning to make All the Marie Rose Costume! feel so Excited!!

More Costume


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