Frequently asked question

  • Tell us a little bit about yourself!

My name is Alexandria Maria Putri Nony Lovyta, but my stage name is Yukitora Keiji . I was born in Bekasi, Indonesia but now i lived with my family Jakarta, Indonesia. I started cosplay in 2009 and never stopped ever since, even now i’m already married i’m stil doing cosplay.

  • How many costume do you have?

Currently i have more than 100 costume, and still counting, fron 2005 until now. You can check the list on my “Cosplay Costume Collection ” Pages

  • How many conventions/events you attended?

Currently i’ve attended more than 100 local and international conventions/events as Guest Cosplayer/ Competition Judges/ Panelist/ Host/ Talent/ Key Opinion Leader [KOL]/ Influencer, and still counting, you can check the list on my “Current Events List” Pages

  • What is the definition of cosplay for you?

For me Cosplay is a Positive hobby with wonderful chance to live my dreams, work creatively and share my passion with others. And it’s a way to prove myself.

Cosplay also not only a hobby, but a whole community of people who love to work creatively, help each other and have fun together.
For me it became something of a lifestyle and changed my life. I’m not able to imagine living without it anymore.
Every costume consists of different steps. First I need to find the right way to create it. It’s the result of a lot of research and development but it also goes hand in hand with failures and desperation. I have to fight with myself and to force myself never to give up or be desperate. And especially never to stop at one point in my evolution.

  • How did your family and friends react to cosplay when you started?

​​Actually the one who introduced me to cosplay is my grandmother. Well,she’s the one who teach me alot of things. Also before i’ve start cosplay she’s also introduced me to modeling, acting ,singing also dancing. At the beginning not only for cosplay, i think it’s almost everything i want to do, that must be some of my family member againts it. They told me that it’s just a waste of time and money.But, because of my Grandmother and my mother who always support me when the other family member againts me. i keep cosplaying and prove that cosplay not just wasting time and money  Even i must doing it secretly,  but I got caught because of my trophies become more than last time they saw, also because i do traveling to other city or country for event as a cosplay competition judges, exibitor, guest star or Representative from indonesia.
After that they never complaint about cosplay, maybe they are proud of me. But, i’m not really care about it, Because even they againts it.
I have my grandmother, my mother also my friends who always there and support me for cosplay and everything i want to do. I’m very lucky to have so many wonderful people around me.

  • Do you prefer armor-based or fabric-based outfits? Is there a special reason for that, or simply a personal preference?

I don’t have any preference for it, it’s just simply a personal preference, because for me armor-based or leather-based costume is same.
The difference is just from the material, but usually armor based costume are more hot than fabric-based, because the lack of air circulation.

  • Do you make your own costumes?

​Yes, i make my own costume but for fabric-based only. For armor-based, i’m still not make all or it by myself, there alot of people are helping me for armor-based costume, but recently due tight schedule i buy the ready made costume but i’m still do modify the costume to fits my body well.

  • How long do you want to Cosplay? 

​Until I can’t doing it anymore or it is a conflict for me with my daily life. As long as I’m having a good time doing it, I’ll keep cosplaying.

  • What do you enjoy most about Cosplay?

I think almost everything, start from when i make the costume until i wear it.. until i wear it at event or photosession, having fun with friends at conventions, and many more!

  • Do you participate on Cosplay Competition?

Yes, i participated on cosplay competition when i start cosplay, and now sometime if i have time i also participate on some cosplay competition, i also gain a lot of award and experience when i joined the competition. For me cosplay competition are not so bad, because when you participate on a competition you can know your ability in cosplay such as costume making, acting also self confidence on stage.

  • Who inspires you?

In life in general, my Grandmother. But In terms of cosplay, I’m inspired by everyone who make things enjoyable for everyone around them. Fancy and weird costumes are wonderful, you can’t help but be excited along with it. I also really respect newbie cosplayers. It takes a lot of confidence to make that step into the hobby and seeing new people enjoying themselves makes me really happy.

  • I’m attending a convention you will be at. Can we schedule a photoshoot?

I’m sorry but I don’t schedule photoshoots at conventions. If I’m attending a specific event as a cosplay competition judges, exibitor or guest star,  i should follow the schedule that set by the event organizers. But, If I’m not attending a specific event, I like to have that time open to experience the convention and spend time with friends. With that said, don’t hesitate to ask for photos! I’m happy to pose for them when I’m in costume.

  • Can I interview you for my blog/site or local magazine?

​Yes, of course. Feel free to email me with your blog’s info and a list of questions. I’m happy to answer them if I have time. Please understand that cosplay is my hobby, so I may not always have the ability to respond due to work and other responsibilities.

  • Can I use photos of you on my site/for a class project/Promote?”

Yes, you can if you credit my site and just follow these rules:
Do not use my images in something that is to be sold (example: print, magazine, etc.) without permission.
Please don’t use my photos to compare/contrast in a negative way with other cosplayers.

Do not watermark over my photos or use them to advertise your site without permission.

  • Can I use your photo as reference for something I’m drawing/in a photo manipulation/fan art?

Of course you can! Just send me a link to the finished work because I’d love to see it! I’ll post your work on my website!

  • Can you made a certain costume or cosplay related tutorial?

​Yes, Now i’m working on my Youtube Channel Named “Yukitora Keiji for some tutorial like Cosplay Makeup tutorial, please kindly check it, and don’t forget to subscribe!

  • Do you have your own cosplay/performance team or group?

​Currently, i don’t join to any group or team

  • Do you accept commissions?

I used to open commision before, after i graduate from fashion school, but i stop it right now, i don’t have too much time for it, because sometime i don’t even have time for my own cosplay project, i’m so worry that if i open commissions again and can’t finish it on time.

  • How much money do you usually spend for your costumes?

I don’t know exactly, but what i know it’s always be more than 200USD. but the most expensive costume i’ve had is around 1500USD, it’s seth Nightroad from Trinity Blood.

  • Can you come to my favorite event/convention?

yes, of course! I already travel to a lot to events/conventions , but that just only if I am invited be the event itself or i really want to go to that event/convention. well I’m not able to afford to go anywhere I want to go, since it’s just too expensive for me. If you want to see me at your local event/convention, please do your best to ask the event/convention organizer to bring me over.

  • Are you a professional Costume / Fashion designer?

​As a Fashion Designer yes, because i’m graduate from Fashion Design School but for Costume Designer, Nope.

But i want to. Now I just a person who likes to make things with my own hands. Costumes are a wonderful way to express myself , you might maybe call and see me “professional” because i got some money or work from it. Well, it’s depends on what do you see/ think about me, but it’s not like what you think , I just like you. I want to make cool costumes and props!

  • Do you sell your costumes?

​Of course NOPE. I keep it as a portfolio and memories, because i put so much time, money and effort into them that they have become a part of me. I make all of my costume based on because I love the character not only to buy  the goods/merchandise of that character, but also make the costume itself. That how i express that i love that character.

  • Which conventions will you visit?

Pease take a look to my “Event Schedule” page to see where you can meet me this or next year.

  • Why did you ignore me at the convention when I totally waved at you and shouted your name from afar?

Umn..I probably did not notice you (since there are SO many people at a convention) or were really too exhausted to notice anything at all. I did not mean to offend you or to disrespect you. After wearing a costume for 12 hours straight at a crowded event my body often just switches to “survival mode”. I probably did not drink or eat anything the whole day while running around trying to smile which can be really tiresome by the end of the day. If you want to have a moment with me just come and talk to me directly. I would love to have a proper conversation and talk about things! We’re all just people who enjoy the events and cosplay.

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