Akasha the Queen of Pain [ Defense of the Ancients 2 ]

Equipment :

  • Sash of Twilight Shade
  • Chained Beauty
  • Style of Twilight Shade
  • Ancipitous Strike of the Parasol’s Sting
  • Jabot of the Parasol’s Sting
  • Ferronniere of the Parasol’s Sting
  • Bloodfeather Wings


Hair & Make up: Yukitora Keiji

Costume: Yukitora Keiji


Sponsor: KAIROS Event Management [World of Gaming]

Date Completed: 11 July 2015

Worn at: World of Gaming 2015, World of Gaming eSport Series 1.1 2015, World of Gaming eSport Series 1.2 Semarang 2016

Why I chose to make this costume:

Queen of Pain, she’s my Favorite hero on DOTA since DOTA 1,  i’m always use her when doing match!!

Well.. she’s already on my cosplay list long time ago..but since Kairos Event Management contact me to make Guest Appearance for World Of Gaming [ this even focused on DOTA 2] so I make it more faster that on my plan! feel so happy that know my QOP also gonna be sponsored by them hahaha

How I made this costume:

with  stressed up .. it took 1 month before event to make all of it.. included lazy time and desperate time hahha..exactly i only make it less than 2 weeks! kind a rush when i’m excited!! and you know.. my QOP it’s my first ever “FULL” Armored cosplay i’ve made!

I made this costume with Craft foam coated with Red imitation leather [shiny type]! and… i made mistake for the Chest Plate..almost 10 time ..that’s why i’m so desperate for 1 weeks..just sit down and see what i’ve done.. why i can’t make it.. but after desperate for 1 weeks..finaly i can finish the chest plate! i’m so happy OMG!

and.. the wings are…the most expensive part on this costume..still shock with the price for each feather..until now..

Thoughts on this costume:

same with the name “Queen of Pain” i made and wear this costume with “Pain”.. i can’t wear this costume by myself.. i need someone that always help me to wear this costume.. i also can’t wear it all day.. the wings weight are not heavy.. but if wear it..all day.. it can ‘cut my shoulder’ hahaha

and i always got injuries when wear this costume.. don’t know why..

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